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References: Orang Asli bibliography 2001 (42b): linguistics Diffloth

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

From: Lye Tuck-Po, ed. 2001. Orang Asli of Peninsular Malaysia: A Comprehensive and Annotated Bibliography, CSEAS Research Report Series No. 88. Kyoto: Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University. References 1370–1385


1257. DIFFLOTH, Gérard. 1968. Proto-Semai phonology. FMJ (n.s.) 13: 65–74 — fieldwork conducted in Kg. Ayer Denak, Kg. U. Gruntom, Boh Tea estate, Ringlet, Kg. Satak, and Sg. Lipis.
1258. ——. 1972. “Ambiguïté morphologique en semai” [Morphological abiguity in Semai]. Pp. 91–93 in Langues et techniques, nature et société: Approche linguistique. Ed. Jacqueline M. C. Thomas and Lucien Bernot. Paris: Klincksieck — on apparent homonyms in Semai that are actually distinct words with different derivations.
1259. ——. 1972. “Notes on expressive meaning”. Pp. 440–447 in Papers from the 8th Regional Meeting, Chicago Linguistic Society.
1260. ——. 1974. “Body moves in Semai and in French”. Pp. 128–138 in Papers from the 10th Regional Meeting, Chicago Linguistic Society — introduces the term Aslian as a generic designation for the group of Mon-Khmer languages spoken in the Peninsula.
1261. ——. 1975. Les langues mon-khmer de Malaisie: Classification historique et innovations [The Mon-Khmer languages of Malaysia: Classificiation and innovations]. Asie du sud-est et monde insulinde 6(4): 1–19 — on historical phonology; to date, the key paper on the internal classification of the Aslian languages. [GB]
1262. ——. 1976. “Expressives in Semai”. Pp. 249–264 in Austroasiatic studies, part I. Ed. Philip N. Jenner, et al. Honolulu: UPH.
1263. ——. 1976. “Jah Hut, an Austroasiatic language of Malaysia”. Pp. 73–118 in South-east Asian linguistic studies. Ed. Nguyen Dang Liem. Canberra: Pacific Linguistics Series, vol. C2, Australian National University.
1264. ——. 1976. “Minor-syllable vocalism in Senoic languages”. Pp. 229–247 in Austroasiatic studies, part I. Ed. Philip N. Jenner, et al. Honolulu: UPH.
1265. ——. 1976. “Proto-Mon-Khmer final spirants”. Pp. 210–230 in Genetic relationship, diffusion and typological similarities of East and Southeast Asian languages. Tokyo: Japan Society for Promotion of Science.
1266. ——. 1976. Mon-Khmer numerals in Aslian languages. Linguistics 174: 31–38 — corrects some serious errors in earlier discussions of Aslian language classification, which were based on misconstruing the linguistic nature of the numeral words. [GB]
1267. ——. 1977. Mon-Khmer initial palatals and “substratumized” Austro-Thai. MKS 6: 39–57.
1268. ——. 1977. Towards a history of Mon-Khmer: Proto-Semai vowels. TAK 14: 463–495.
1269. ——. 1979. “Expressive phonology and prosaic phonology in Mon-Khmer”. Pp. 49–59 in Studies in Tai and Mon-Khmer phonetics and phonology, in honour of E. J. A. Henderson. Ed. Thongkum et al. Bangkok: Chulalongkorn University Press.
1270. ——. 1979. “Aslian languages and Southeast Asian prehistory”. Pp. 2–16 in #30 — shows, by analyzing linguistic structures, how Aslian languages belong to the Mon-Khmer family and why, therefore, they constitute a “precious” cultural and historical treasure. Draws primarily from his own Semai, Temiar, and Jah Hut data. Includes a brief literature review of earlier discussions on the topic, in particular the debate between Schmidt and the more conservative Blagden. [LTP]

1271. ——. 1984. The Dvaravati Old Mon language and Nyah Kur. Bangkok: Chulalongkorn University Printing House — reconstruction from inscriptions of Old Mon (the mainland language most closely related to Aslian) and a comparison of Old Mon and Nyah Kur (spoken in central Thailand). Uses much of the author’s extensive Aslian materials in the comparative discussion. To date, the most accessible source for Aslian etymologies. [GB; KME in #1706 no. 6]

1272. ——. 1994. The lexical evidence for Austric, so far. OL 33: 309–321.

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