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Sons of Tanyoŋ

Updated: Feb 1

by Lye Tuck-Po


I guess I've been following in the footsteps of Kirk and Karen Endicott, ever since 1993 when I found myself looking at a Batek camp and discovered who the people were. Here's what I wrote in my dissertation: "I am grateful beyond measure to Dr. Kirk Endicott for his invaluable correspondence throughout my graduate career and for sharing his insights borne of years of experience with the Batek. I also thank Karen Endicott for reading a draft of my chapters on knowledge acquisition. Following in the steps of other fieldworkers has for me been one of the joys of doing research." And now there is another rising generation of Batek scholars, led by Alice Rudge (Pahang), Aya Kawai (Kelantan), and Ivan Tacey (Kelantan).
These photos are of the sons of Tanyoŋ. the Endicotts' primary informant in Kelantan. On top is ʔeyLaman or Gəlas, photographed last month in Bəŋɔy, and the bottom is taʔHəy or Pay. photographed in Kuala Koh, Kelantan, in 2015. It hasn't been easy tracking people down, when they are mobile! They're very nice men, and I regret not being able to chat at length with them. There is always tomorrow...
A Batek man
ʔeyLəman, Bəŋɔy, 2023

A Batek man
taʔHəy, Kuala Koh, Kelantan, 2015

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24 ม.ค.

good one. I should look for Agta once young, or adults of Agta now gone.

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