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My work

I've been an anthropologist for nearly 30 years now! The boy on the right is now a young man. Soon he will settle down with a wife, and I'll have another generation of kids to coo over. Currently I'm working on Batek perceptions of gibbons (especially gibbon songs) and I'm also working up papers and a new book on the visual anthropology of the Batek (but does anyone want to publish it?).

My work has taken me to some sensational locations: I've been a consultant to the Penan of Sarawak and I've also worked in Cambodia. Topics that have concerned me are the construction of big dams and the resettlement that occurs as a result, rice growing, resilience, environmental anthropology, human-animal relations, hunter-gatherers, indigenous knowledge, conservation and people, tropical forests, perception and sensory knowledge of the environment. A lot of stuff. 

I'm also available to do extra work, hopefully for money. Write to me; let's discuss.
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