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Leaving Cape Ashizuri

by Lye Tuck-Po


The driver stopped the bus and called to me. What on earth... I thought. I don't want to stop here; I want to go to Nakamura to catch the train for Kochi... But he was insistent. When he saw my bewilderment, he opened the backdoor. I craned my neck, looked out. Comprehension dawned. He was presenting me with this magnificent view -- me, the only passenger on the bus from Cape Ashizuri. I grinned, grabbed my camera, jumped off the bus, and took a few shots. Then came the impatient honk, honk!, and it was time to hop back in. Shikoku, Japan, 17/6/2007

Leaving Cape Ashizuri, Shikoku, Japan

It's been a lot of years since that happy day. Much has changed about Japan. I'd like to go back.
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