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Penan photos: the elders

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

by Lye Tuck-Po
I was shooting some photos of kids and young people in Penan country once, and they protested, "no, take photos of the old people". Here they are (many are now dead). I promise to post more photos in weeks to come. Almost all were shot in 2009. Locations of photos below.
Click on the thumbnail to view in large size

Photos 1 to 7: Long Jek
Photos 8 to 11: Long Wat
Photo 12: Long Pelutan
Photos 13 to 14: Long Singu
Photo 15: Long Tangau
Photo 16: Penan Talun, Asap
Photo 17: the late Along Ju (Long Singu) at a meeting
Photo 18: anthropologist Jayl Langub and friend at Ba Puak, Baram, 2013

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