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References: Orang Asli bibliography 2001 (13): de Morgan to Dennys

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

From: Lye Tuck-Po, ed. 2001. Orang Asli of Peninsular Malaysia: A Comprehensive and Annotated Bibliography, Cseas Research Report Series No. 88. Kyoto: Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University.References 219–225

1. de MORGAN, Jacques. 1885. Mœurs, coutumes et langages des Négritos de l’intérieur de la presqu’île Malaise. Sakayes et Sömañs [Mores, customs and languages of the Negritos of the interior of the Malay Peninsula]. Bulletin de la Société Normande de Géographie 7: 411–455 — on Temiar, Lanoh, Semai.
2. ——. 1885. L’âge de la pierre polie dans la presqu’île Malaise and Négritos de la presqu’île Malaise [The polished-stone age in the Malay Peninsula and Negritos of the Malay Peninsula]. L’Homme 2: 494, 545–559, 572, 609–623, 641–656, 713–721 — cited in #Skagden for the standard ethnographic observations (e.g., hunting implements, house-styles). See also Guerreiro, Jaunay, and Lorre #396.
3. ——. 1886. Quelques observations au sujet des publications sur les Négritos de la Presqu’île Malaise [Some observations on the subject of publications on the Negritos of the Malay Peninsula]. L’Homme 3: 40.
4. ——. 1886. Voyage d’éxploration dans la presqu’île Malaise [Journey of exploration in the Malay Peninsula]. Bulletin de la Société Normande de Géographie 8 — includes information on Semang house styles and trade exchanges with Malays [KME #303; #Skagden]. Apparently reprinted 1886 as Voyage d’éxploration dans la presqu’îsle Malaise: Journal de voyage (Rouen: Imprimerie de Esperérance Cagniard).


5. ——. 1886. Exploration dans la presqu’île Malaise: Royaumes de Pérak et de Patani [Exploration in the Malay Peninsula: The kingdoms of Perak and Patani]. Paris: A. LaHure — half of this thick volume is about the Orang Asli, and contains de Morgan #219 [GB]. Reprinted 1993 in the series Collection Grand Sud (Pattani, Thailand: Prince of Songkhla University; distributed by White Lotus Press, Bangkok, Thailand). See also Guerreiro, Jaunay, and Lorre #396.


6. de QUATREFAGES, A. 1881–1882. Pigmies. Journal Savant February 1881 and June, August, and December 1882 — according to Skeat, de Quatrefages was among the proponents of a common theory of the time (what Skeat dubs “Pan-Negrito theory”), following which all Orang Asli are descended from a common Negrito stock, and any physical evidence to the contrary is the result of racial mixing with Malays and other more outrageous possibilities “selected apparently at random”, such as African pygmies, Papuans, and Siamese [LTP]. Trans. J. Errington de la Croix in JSBRAS vol. 11, pp. 83–122 (1883), vol. 13, pp. 1–48 (1884).
7. DENNYS, F. O. B. 1915. The Semang between Jaring and Remen. J. Fed. Mal. St. Musms. 6(1).
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