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References: Orang Asli bibliography 2001 (47): Fiction and literary studies

From: Lye Tuck-Po, ed. 2001. Orang Asli of Peninsular Malaysia: A Comprehensive and Annotated Bibliography, CSEAS Research Report Series No. 88. Kyoto: Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University.References 1597–1614

Fiction and literary studies

1501. ABD. SAMAD Ahmad. n.d. (c.1960s). Nakhoda Tenggang (Anak derhaka—Riwayat Batu Keb). Kuala Lumpur: The Khee Meng Press — Malay novel, generally aimed at the young teenage reader; features Orang Asli characters in the main. [CN]
1502. ABDULAZIZ, H. M. 1992. “Ipin”. Pp. 1–92 in Cetera: Antologi pemenang peraduan menulis drama TV berdasarkan cerpen DBP 1990. Kuala Lumpur: Dewan Bahawa dan Pustaka. [see note for #1597]
1503. ARIPIN Said. 1982. Benawi. Kuala Lumpur: Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka [see note for #1597]. Reprinted 1990.

1504. CLIFFORD, Hugh. 1897. In court and kampong, being tales and sketches of native life in the Malay Peninsula. London: Grant Richards — contains some Orang Asli accounts, especially pertinent to slave-raiding. [LTP]
1601. ——. 1904. Further India: Being the story of exploration from the earliest times in Burma, Malaya, Siam and Indo-China. London: Lawrence and Bullen — also recounts Orang Asli capturing other Orang Asli for slavery [LTP]. Reprinted 1990 as Further India: The story of exploration (Bangkok: White Lotus).
1602. ——. 1916. The further side of silence. Garden City, NY: Doubeday, Page and Co — cited widely for nuggets of information on Malay-Orang Asli relations and colonial perceptions of this relationship [LTP]. Reprinted 1927 and/or 1929 (London: Doubleday). Pp. 253–257 extracted in #399, pp. 13–15.
1603. ——. 1962. Stories of Malayan adventure. London: George G. Harrap — has references to Orang Asli throughout most of these eight short stories. “The revenge of the Sakai” is most interesting: relates the story of a Malay robber who abused and stole, in the cruellest way possible then, from the Orang Asli in the Jelai area, and later met his end violently at the Orang Asli’s hands. [CN]
1604. GHAZALI Ngah Azia. 1991. Hidup penuh cabaran [Life full of challenge]. Kuala Lumpur: Berita Publishing Sdn. Bhd. [see note for #1597]
1605. HAMBALI Abd. Latiff. 1981. Damai tapi gersang. Penang: Tek Publishing. [see note for #1597]
1606. HOOKER, Virginia Matheson. 2000. Writing a new society: Social change through the novel in Malay. St. Leonards NSW: Asian Studies Association of Australia Southeast Asia Publications Series, Allen & Unwin and Honolulu, HI: University of Hawai`i Press — includes analysis of Orang Asli (“Sakai”) depictions in #1607–1608. [LTP]
1607. ISHAK b. Hj. Mohammed. 1937. Putera Gunong Tahan [Prince of Gunong Tahan]. Muar: Jamilah Press — allegorical narrative; depicts Sakai as isolated from external influences and uncontaminated by Western contact so that their power and primeval knowledge remains intact. Suggests that it is to them that Malays should turn for guidance about indigenous knowledge [Hooker #1606]. First published in Jawi 1937; 2nd ed., also in Jawi, 1957 (Singapore: Geliga); 3rd ed. in romanised form 1973 (Petaling Jaya: Pustaka Budaya Agency).
1608. ——. 1941. Anak Mat Lela gila [The son of Mad Mat Lela] — allegorical narrative. Although the character of the Sakai chief retains his native knowledge, his children prefer living in the town, and in that narrative the loss of indigenous knowledge even to the Sakai is foreshadowed [Hooker #1606]. First published in Jawi 1941; first published in romanised form 1960. 6th reprinting 1975 (Kuala Lumpur: Federal Publications).
1609. MALIM Ghozali Pk. 1988. Redang. Kuala Lumpur: Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka. [see note for #1597]
1610. MELIPRIAPAPA, M.H. 1993. Warga rimba. Kuala Lumpur: Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka. [see note for #1597]
1611. MOHD. SIDEK Said. 1990. Sesat di Bukit Berapit. Petaling Jaya, Selangor: Pustaka Delta Pelajaran Sdn. Bhd. [see note for #1597]
1612. SLIMMING, John. 1959. In fear of silence. London: John Murray — about an ambush during the Emergency; describes a Temiar longhouse on p. 57 [ASB]. American ed. published by Harper, New York (publication date unknown).
1613. WICKS, P. C. 1979. Images of Malaya in the stories of Sir Hugh Clifford. JMBRAS 52(1): 57–72.
1614. ZAILIANI Taslim. 1995. Meredak onak. Kuala Lumpur: Utusan Publishers and Distribution Sdn. Bhd. [see note for #1597]
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