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References: Orang Asli bibliography 2001 (50): Research reviews

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

From: Lye Tuck-Po, ed. 2001. Orang Asli of Peninsular Malaysia: A Comprehensive and Annotated Bibliography, CSEAS Research Report Series No. 88. Kyoto: Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University.References 1676–1681

Part 3. Information Guides

Reviews of research

These reviews include extensive bibliographies; pertinent items and many commentaries have been incorporated into this bibliography

1676. AZIZAH Kassim. 1979. “Research on the Orang Asli in the University of Malaya”. Pp. 217–232 in #FMJ24 — overview of research undertaken by staff and students of the University, briefly detailing the history and scope of research. Includes a bibliography of these studies and list of ongoing and attempted research projects. [LTP]

1677. BENJAMIN, Geoffrey. 1989. Achievements and gaps in Orang Asli studies. Akademika 35: 7–45 — an extensive coverage of the literature, focusing on the status of research that appeared from the 1960s onwards. With suggestions for areas and approaches for future attention. [LTP]

1678. BURENHULT, Niclas. 1999. A bibliographical guide to Aslian linguistics. MKS 29: 133–141 — an extensive bibliography and useful review of Aslian linguistic study, superseding almost all the information published elsewhere. [LTP; GB]

1679. GOMES, Alberto G. 1979. “The demography of the Orang Asli in Malaysia”. Pp. 73–90 in #FMJ24 — an overview of research. Includes a review of earlier studies and short annotated bibliography. [LTP]

1680. RAMBO, A. Terry. 1979. “Human ecology of the Orang Asli: A review of recent research on the environmental relations of the aborigines of Peninsular Malaysia”. Pp. 39–71 in #FMJ24 — thus far the only research review of Orang Asli environmental relations. Covers seven main topics: general ethnographic description, ecosystem description, biophysical adaptation, sociocultural adaptation, ethnoecology, Orang Asli impact on their environment, and a concluding summary of the present state of knowledge and suggested future research directions. [LTP] [#ATR]

1681. WALKER, Anthony R. 1979. “Orang Asli studies at Universiti Sains Malaysia, 1971–1979”. Pp. 233–243 in #FMJ24 — useful review of the University’s research projects on Orang Asli communities, focuses on undergraduates’ B.A. graduation exercises and the roles and activities of their supervisors. Includes a summary of the achievements and limitations of the research. [LTP]

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